Car Dealers

Never miss a sale with Ridecare Dealer

Is all of your inventory ready for test drive or sale?

Ridecare Dealer is an automated vehicle management platform designed for Car Dealers.

Ridecare enabled vehicles are connected to the RideCare cloud using low power ODBII devices or the vehicle’s existing cloud connection.

The RideCare platform records, monitors, and tracks the vehicle’s location and availability in near realtime. This gives Dealers and Dealer staff realtime vehicle mapping, vehicle health status, and geofencing alerts for the entire inventory

  • Locate any vehicle in inventory via the interactive map.
  • Set customized geofence areas to alert you when a vehicle enters or leave geographic boundaries.
  • Vehicles are automatically scheduled for service to ensure vehicles are fulled, batteries are charged, and the car is ready for test drive or sale.
  • The RideCare system automatically tracks and maintains inventory based on the business rules and costs of the dealer.

Join our beta program and let us show you how RideCare Dealer can increase sales and decrease costs.