FAQs - You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

I’ve just been in an accident, what do I do?

Our 24/7 team is here, at the ready. Call us immediately and we’ll help you navigate the accident waters. No matter

what time of day or night, we’re here to providing you with peace of mind and support whenever you need it.

Does it cost anything to call you for information?

Because we believe 24/7 support is critical for drivers out there, our service support line is totally free. Call us

whenever you need, as many times as you need.

Do you provide roadside assistance?

We do, and guess what? It’s free, too!

If I use one of your auto body shops, what is the turn around time for my vehicle?

In just 0-3 days, your vehicle will be fixed and returned to you. (On most claims)

How many auto body shops have you paired up with?

We just hit the 200 mark! With many more partners to come.

Are your services available throughout the United States?

They sure are! Download the RideCare app to learn more about our shop locations and roadside assistance teams.

Are your body shops screened?

Absolutely! We only work with the best in the industry. We screen them from reviews, customer service, proper

staffing, insurance, valid business license, BBB background checks, and proper express equipment. Plus our team

personally interviews each shop owner and staff to insure that they meet our requirements and standards.

Do you really time our repairs?

Absolutely! We have a platform called CCC1 that allows us to time our shops with your car in real live time! We set the

timer and they meet our expectations.

Do you help with upfront financing of repair costs?

Most definitely Sometimes it makes more sense to go through our RideCare Financing than to go through your own personal insurance. We give you the option and can provide you with up to $3,000.00 with no credit check.

Please ask one of our RideCare certified shops for more details.